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Personalized Nutrition Plan by national award-winning nutritionist
Laxmi Sri Pandrala.

Our Approach

Lami Personalised Nutrition Plan Approach

Step 1 - Consultation with an expert Nutritionist
              This stage we analyze your habits and physical condition, lifestyle.
Step 2 - Body Analysis
              Body analysis to understand your metabolism and fat and muscle distribution
Step 3 - Medical Condition Examination
              Full Body Checkup report will be analyzed by our expert nutritionist to see the deficiencies, chronic conditions, allergies, medications and more.
Step 4 - Diet Plan Preparation
              Based on your preferences, culture, schedule, medical conditions and goal our expert nutritionist will prepare a personalized nutrition plan.
Step 5 - Evaluate the effect of the Nutrition Plan
              We monitor your health progress with our Health APP
              Demo Link -
              And amend the nutrition plan as required.
Step 6 - Continuous Tracking
              Once you are a premium user to us you can use LAMI health app premium services to track and monitor your diet, calories, protein, carbs, fats consumption.

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