Lami.Fit About us

Lami.Fit is health and wellness platform. We started with mission to make every individual healthy and lifestyle diseases free. We believe in quality, our plans are trusted by many elite athletes, celebrities and key VIP people. We make every user journey smooth by bringing multiple health services under one single roof which includes,

1) Lami.Fit Personalised Nutrition Plans - Hyper personalised nutrition plans by leading expert nutritionist for Sports Nutrition, Medical Nutrition ( Diabetes reversal, thyroid reversal, PCOD, Obesity control) & wellness nutrition

2) Lami.Fit Smart Nutrition Plans - Curated by expert with AI capabilities adapt as per users goal and requirements.

3) LamiDNA - India's Leading Nutrition and fitness DNA tests

4) Authentic Supplements - 100% original supplements sourced from genuine supplier, and only nutritionist advised products.